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SAMARPAN IAS Study Circle offers a unique NCERT Foundation program, which provides an in-depth understanding of the NCERT books, which are the foundation of the Civil Services Exam. The program covers both old and new NCERT books, along with a systematic analysis of the Civil Services syllabus, connecting the two.

Through this program, students can gain a solid foundation in the subjects and topics covered in the NCERT books, which are essential for clearing the Civil Services Exam. The program is designed to make the daunting task of reading and understanding all the books easier for students.

SAMARPAN IAS Study Circle has a team of experienced faculty who use innovative teaching methods, including audio-visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive learning platforms, to make the learning process engaging and interesting. The program also includes regular doubt-clearing sessions to help students identify and overcome their weaknesses.

Overall, the NCERT Foundation program is an excellent way for students to build a strong foundation for their Civil Services Exam preparation and improve their chances of success in this highly competitive exam.





The fee structure for the NCERT Foundation course is designed to be affordable and accessible for all students. The offline course fee is set at ₹18000, which includes regular classroom sessions, doubt-clearing sessions, and study material. For students who prefer online classes, the course fee is set at ₹12000. The online course includes live interactive sessions with experienced faculty, study material, and regular doubt-clearing sessions. SAMARPAN IAS believes in providing quality education at an affordable price, and the fee structure for the NCERT Foundation course reflects this principle.



The NCERT Foundation course is a program offered by Samarpan IAS Study Circle to help students cover and understand the concepts of old and new NCERT books in sync with the Civil Services syllabus. The course also focuses on building concepts, developing perspectives and approaches needed for preparation, and understanding trends through previous year questions. It includes NCERT-based prelims tests, concise notes for quick revision, and personalized mentorship for guidance

Yes, the course is available in both Hindi and English languages. Students can choose the medium of instruction that is comfortable for them.

Yes, we offer an online option for students who are unable to attend our regular classes due to personal commitments.

The course is completed thoroughly in  9 Months.

The IAS course fees for our “NCERT FOUNDATION” course are reasonable and affordable, making it accessible to a wider range of students.

The course curriculum is well-planned and designed to provide a strong foundation for students. It includes updated and revised study material complemented by the notes provided by our experienced faculty members.

We use innovative teaching methodologies such as audio-visuals, PowerPoint presentations, and other interactive modes of learning platforms to make the learning experience interesting and engaging.

Yes, we conduct regular doubt-clearing sessions to identify weak areas and provide students with ways to improve on them.

Yes, we conduct intensive training on developing better answer writing skills to prepare our students thoroughly for the examination.

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